Wesley’s Costume Bash

UNA students at the 2012 Wesley Foundation fall costume party.

This past Friday, UNA’s Wesley Foundation hosted its annual fall costume party. Surprisingly even without any publicity of it, the members were happy with the turnout.

“You know, we had flyers, but those boys never sent them out.” said Linda Williamson, Director of the Wesley Foundation.

Students walked through the doors wearing some crafty costumes: a jack-in-the-box, silly whim (from We Sing in Sillyville), pirate, and even star wars out fits.

The jack-in-the-box took the prize for best all around.

“Best all around was determined by creativity, look, and crowds pick,” said Tess Evans, President of the Wesley Foundation Leadership Team.

The students danced the night away Halloween themed music, and ate snacks created to look like eyeballs and fingers.

The theme was set to look like an abandoned mansion, decorated with chandeliers, ripped canopies overhead, and even a projector premiering black and white movies.

“Black and white not only works with the theme, but it also insured that the movies were more or less clean and not to show anything inappropriate,” said Matt Williams, a Wesley Foundation member and UNA student.

The Wesley Foundation is a Methodist student organization set between Covington and the parking deck.

November the Wesley Foundation will be hosting their bi-monthly Sundown Coffee, designed to premier some of UNA’s talented students from music, poetry, book readings, and other talents.


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